About Us

At Bega Simply Nuts, we’re simply nutty about nuts

At Bega Simply Nuts, we’re simply nutty about nuts. But not just any nuts. We turn only the best nuts into nutritious, tasty products that can put a smile on your dial. Proudly Aussie-owned and made by Bega Cheese Limited, Bega Simply Nuts is made from 100% Aussie peanuts (and a pinch of sea salt).

The Peanut Butter factory and its team in Port Melbourne have been dedicated to crafting Australia’s favourite peanut butter for over 55 years. Bega Simply Nuts is the newest member of the Bega Peanut Butter family and brings the plant to plate philosophy to life – a delicious and 100% Aussie made natural peanut butter with peanuts from the sun-ripened crops of Queensland.

Plant to Plate

Bega has a strong tradition of partnering with Australian farmers

Bega has a strong tradition of partnering with Australian farmers. In 2018, we purchased the Peanut Company of Australia in Kingaroy, Queensland. Our team are working hard behind the scenes to ensure that the local peanut industry can thrive for many years to come. Bega is partnering with Aussie peanut farmers, to grow the supply of Australian peanuts and drive the sustainability and growth of the peanut industry, this will help overcome challenges, such as those introduced by the drought.

Bega works closely with Aussie peanut farmers — from Bundaberg to Brisbane Valley as well as Kingaroy and North Queensland — to grow and harvest only the best Australian peanuts.

The peanut growing journey starts much earlier than peanut planting season – Bega’s Peanut Breeding Program, a collaboration between Bega and the Grains Research and Development Corporation is investing in the research and development of new peanut varieties to support Australian peanut growers. Our peanut growers are supported in-field, with regular visits from Bega’s agronomists who specialise in crop production and provide advice to growers throughout the season.

This program develops new peanut varieties with improved traits (including peanut quality and yield), to ensure that Aussie peanut growers receive a quality seed when it is time to plant their crop.

Harvest is an exciting time for our proud Aussie peanut growers, as it’s the culmination of all the hard work that goes into the Plant to Plate process. See our Harvest video to learn more about the harvesting process.

Bega Simply Nuts is proud to showcase the simply nutty goodness of Aussie peanuts – it’s made with only two ingredients, 100% Aussie peanuts and a pinch of sea salt… that’s it! If you’re looking for salt-free peanut butter or want to try a darker richer flavour, you can find the Bega Simply Nuts No Added Salt and Dark Roast products on shelves.

In a nutshell

We source only the best Hi-Oleic peanuts to make Bega Simply Nuts, rich in good (monounsaturated) fats, for the best, freshest roasted peanut taste. With no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives across our range. Peanuts are also naturally gluten free.

The Bega Simply Nuts natural peanut butter range is available in Smooth, Crunchy, The Crunchiest, No Added Salt, Crunchy Dark Roast and Smooth Dark Roast. Find out more here.